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The Rebound

31st October 2009


Just watched a very touching movie with my friends, reni and mr. bear.
“Rebounds” starred by Catherine Zeta-Jones & Justin Bartha

Story about a single mother 40 years old with 2 kids who is processing her divorce.
She saw tape that whom husband is fucking with another woman.

Therefore she decide to move into NY and take her daughter and son there.
Luckily she got job, it means she needs a nanny for the children
So she hire a 25 years old boy who are working in the cafe at the same building in her apartement

Then story goes on, yes your guess is true. This boy is fallin in love with the children.
Also to their mother….

Until one day they realize that their relation is to good to be true
So they decide to get separate each other
The boy decide to travel around the worlds
The woman got promotion

Five years later they meet in the different situation
With same feeling like five years before
And yes, they can not find someone else better

Oh I was crying while I was watching this movie
It’s so touching
It’s so ME and you

Bear you know what, …
I hope that whatever will be happen with you or me now
this ages difference
about your mom
about your future
about my pass

I hope that we will be waiting for one and another,
you … and …. me

you know what, even though you forget me
i will keep my heart to remember you
none can replace you …
I’ll keep it only for you

bye bear, goodnight


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Setelah menyelesaikan kuliah S2 nya di Australia , Becky (29) memutuskan untuk bekerja di Indonesia dan melanjutkan salah satu “tujuan hidupnya” yaitu mencari suami. Namun pencariannya ternyata tidak mudah, akhirnya ia menerima cinta teman sekantornya meski sebenarnya tidak ada kecocokan di antara mereka. Tidak mengherankan kalau hubungan mereka dipenuhi pertengkaran, tapi Becky tetap bertahan sambil berharap kekasihnya itu segera melamar. Sang kekasih akhirnya melamar, (more…)

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